Fix California Challenge


SmartProcure’s database contains hundreds of millions of local, state and federal purchase order records. This information can be used to find products, research pricing, verify vendors, ensure compliance, provide data to your citizens and benchmark your performance internally and externally.


SmartSearch is SmartProcure's web-based tool that makes it easy to find a product’s best price, identify and validate vendors, request quotes and connect with peers. Use our national database of purchase order records to save a significant amount of time and money on every purchase you make. Agencies can instantly find the right vendors and see prices paid by thousands of government agencies.


SmartSearch has already been rolled out to several municipalities in California. As I'm sure they would agree SmartSearch would be beneficial in helping all of the agencies across California, from the top down. With SmartSearch, we can "Fix California" through pricing transparency and big data to save the state valuable financial resources that can then be used to support other projects as well.

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