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End Gerrymandering ! Redistrict based on mathematical algorithm.

Gerrymandering is a very big problem. And the citizen's redistricting commission helped, but did not make it go away. Whenever people are involved in the process there will be compromises, there will be "Horse Trading", there will be millions of dollars, and years of lost time.


What if I told you that there is a way to end gerrymandering, save millions of dollars, and get the process done in days instead of years.


The idea is simple. You would use a modified version of the Shortest Split Line Algorithm. In the video I linked by CGP Grey, and the supporting link from Range Voting, he shows the Standard Shortest Splitline Algorithm, but this is inherently problematic because using only straight lines will cause houses to be cut into fractions and then you have to figure out exactly which district the residents of that house would vote in.


To fix that issue, I believe we need to modify the Shortest Split Line to follow the already established boundary lines of voting precincts. Using those lines, as the only path the splitting line can follow, will result in extremely fair redistricting that will not cut through properties.


This method would fully remove any human input from the process. Which means that are districts would be objectively fair and free from any and all gerrymandering. It would save time as a computer could compile all of the data and output the KML file in a couple days depending on the computer. And it would save millions of dollars that are spent to draw, argue, re-draw, compromise, re-draw, publish, defend against legal challenges that claim the lines were not drawn fairly.

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