Fix California Challenge

Bring actual democracy to the U.S.A.

California and the United States are Republics, not true democratic states, due to vote count distortions like first past the post and gerrymandered districts, which all mathematically decay into single party +1 states of unequal representation.


Well known voting methods that require only trivial ballot changes, studied by institutions like The Center For Election Science, can mitigate the effects and unearned power of political party duopoly, and better reflect the true will of the people. Approval voting, for example, allows voters to communicate their approval of more than one candidate, and thus eliminate the "spoiler effect" of similar third party candidates joining the same political competition. Mixed member representation in state legislatures similarly helps to mitigate the effects of district gerrymandering on multiparty legislative representation. Along with campaign finance reform that recognizes only human citizens as people, and corporations only as their subservient legal fictions, California can serve as a model for other states and federal election reform toward a true national democracy.

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