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Every time a robot comes online another job is lost. But remember-- jobs are a means to an end not an end in themselves. As tech progresses fewer people will be needed to complete tasks -- to "do jobs." Already it has been predicted that the job of a radiologist will be replaced by computers. The computers can do it better. There are a million Americans employed now as drivers. Self driving cars will eliminate those 1,000,000 jobs. Software trades stocks now in milliseconds even-- people aren't necessary.


Do you see where this is going? The logical conclusion is that one person will be left in the end-- the guy who owns all the robots. He will collect all your money then complain endlessly about the fact that the tax burden is his alone.


Technology itself isn't bad-- in fact it's great! It allows us to do much less work (as in the 1950s robot promise), but ONLY if we all equally own robots. That requires a government solution, and that's why I propose a tax on robots.

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