Fix California Challenge

CA Results: Performance Dashboard by Every Local Government

The number one job for every government is to be communicate accurately and clearly with its stakeholders. This has become hard, despite initiatives like open data. Most government information is stuck in legacy systems, making it difficult for non-technical people to engage with the data. Elected officials and government staff are not able to push for data-driven policies. Public is not able to easily find out how the government is performing.


LiveStories addresses this challenge by making it easy for governments to create, communicate, and collaborate with data-driven content.


A LiveStories Performance Dashboard can be created in 3 simple steps:

1. Pick a design

2. Upload your data

3. Publish & share, internally and externally


The LiveStories dashboard addresses the 6 key goals of the Fix California Challenge:


A. Transformation

Data is at the heart of innovation across every industry, except for the largest industry in the world with the largest amount of data. Using the LiveStories dashboards, public leaders can track their performance on key metrics over time, compare themselves to their peers, and drive policy decisions.


B. Representation & Accountability

Governments can increase transparency and accountability by sharing their dashboards publicly, governments can invite concerned citizens to review its performance, discuss trends, compare to their peers, and ask leaders questions.


C. Opportunity & Education

For metrics like affordable housing availability or crime frequency, these dashboards will show zipcode level data, enabling citizens to compare neighborhoods for best opportunities.


D. Renewal

Local governments across California have been collecting large volumes of data for a long time, which has been collecting dust sitting in PDFs and spreadsheets. The LiveStories dashboards will free this data and bring them to life creating deep engagement and collaboration between public leaders and citizens.

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