Fix California Challenge

Fix California's Water Infrastructure and Save the Delta

SolAgra is committed to solving the major water issues in the Delta. The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and the water conveyance system of the State and Central Valley Water Projects have required major improvements for more than 40 years. Three major revisions to the conveyance system have been proposed by the State since 1978. Unfortunately, all three proposals have been essentially the same concept - divert water from far upriver in the Sacramento River, bypass the Delta and send more fresh water south. The Peripheral Canal was shot down by voters in 1982; the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) - the tunnel version of the Peripheral Canal - was shot down by the EPA in 2014; the California Water Fix (CWF), a rebranded BDCP lingers today. The only way to Stop the Tunnels to Save the Delta, is to provide a viable alternative.


SolAgra, a clean technology development company, and IDE, the world leader in desalination and water processing entered into a joint venture to develop a viable and in fact superior alternative to the CWF. The plan is called the SolAgra Water Solution™ (SWS). The centerpiece of the SWS is a large brackish water desalination plant located on Sherman Island. The plant would be located at the confluence of the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers, and be powered by renewable energy. It would capture fresh water from the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers on the north and east sides of Sherman Island and blend that fresh water with desalinated brackish water sourced on the south end of the Island.


The SWS will save Billions of Dollars on environmental mitigation by avoiding the degradation that would be caused by the CWF. You don’t need environmental mitigation if you are NOT damaging the environment. It’s time to investigate and support a new approach to solving California’s water issues without damaging the Delta. Our plan produces 1 Million Acre Feet of NEW FRESH WATER that is drought proof. It’s time for the SolAgra Water Solution™.

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