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Reduce Redundancy, Add Innovation: Prohibit Zombie Bills in CA

Streamline legislative process by prohibiting consideration of any bill that is substantially similar to a previous bill that has previously been defeated in Assembly or Senate, vetoed, or overturned by a court. (This would be a prohibition of "zombie bills" in CA.) This will substantially free up time in the Legislature to focus on innovation while reducing redundancy and taxpayer burden.


In each legislative session, every year, the California Legislature faces numerous burdens due to legislative proposals which are word-for-word reintroduction of (or similar proposals to) a bill which died in a prior year, or was defeated due that it simply had no support, was vetoed, or was overturned by a court. These "zombie bills" eat up the Legislature's time unnecessarily, and often contain caveats which are either supported by special interests or attempt to attack various rights of Californians.


The proposal to prohibit "zombie bills" could be facilitated by a Citizen Committee for the Protection of Rights and Innovation, whose mission it would be to screen newly introduced bills before they are sent to the Legislature for readings and committee consideration. Members of the committee would not be persons who are serving in some other appointed or elected post, and could be appointed by the Governor and would serve for no more than two years in that capacity to limit their influence in the position.

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