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Honest Legislator Program Act

Currently trust in the Legislature is very low and after 3 legislators were convicted of felonies and 3 others left the legislature to work for those that lobbied them, it is clear we need to demand far more of our elected officials than we have been. We need Legislators that are honest with the people of the state of California and ones that are not controlled by anyone other than the voters of the great state of California. We need to change the state constitution to:

1. Define Legislator as volunteer public servants, with no employee rights.

2. Outlaw former Legislators from lobbying for 12 years after they leave office.

3. Immediately suspend, without pay, any Legislator that is indicted for any felony.

4. Outlaw Legislators from seeking employment with companies that lobby, directly or indirectly, the Legislature, during their term of office.

5. Require all Legislative candidates to take a lie detector test to prove they have lived in the district for at least a year and provided truthful information in their nomination papers.

6. Require all Legislators to take a lie detector test every two years to make sure they are upholding their oath of office, not taking bribes, not committing any felonies, not under the influence of drugs or alcohol while conducting legislative business, and not having intimate relationships with any lobbyists or Legislative employees.

7. Remove several special protections for Legislators from the Constitution.

8. Allow the California Supreme Court to suspend Legislators from office if, after an investigation, they find they have violated state law or the state constitution.

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