Fix California Challenge

Open Voter Id for California citizens

When a local city agency wants to collect feedback from their citizens, they have a couple choices. They can use a completely open survey tool, which allows trolls from all over the world to generously participate. Or they can try to get citizens to verify their identity and location. A small city has few resources to implement this verification. And one citizen may not trust many separate government departments to collect, store, and keep private their personal identity information.


Imagine that instead we had a single California-wide login system. Similar to Google or Facebook logins, the voter login system would allow the citizen to participate in any number of government forums. Even privately-developed forums for civic participation could use the voter login system.


A voter login system could be developed using the voter-registration data already available for political applications. The voter login system can be developed using best security practices, verifying identity without storing or releasing personal information about the citizens. And the verification system would be freely available for city, county, state and private civic agencies who need some assurance that their feedback is from their citizens.

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