Fix California Challenge

Make all votes count through fair Electoral College reform

California has the largest number of Electoral College votes in the United States with 55. Like all but two states (Maine & Nebraska), CA awards its EC votes on a winner-take-all basis, nullifying the votes of MILLIONS of Californians every presidential election (exact same outcome as the popular vote). Since CA is one of the few states that has an independent commission to draw congressional districts, now is the time to shift our Electoral College vote allocation to the congressional districting method.


The Congressional districting method will:


Award Electoral College votes based on the winner of each of CA's 53 congressional districts. The winner of the state-wide vote is then awarded the state's remaining 2 electoral (Senate) votes. This will allow for an equitable representation of the will of the people and immediately makes California the most impactful Battleground state in the country.


Ensure parties would have to campaign in CA, rather than simply coming to the Golden State to raise money to spend in the 11-14 “swing states” that decide each election.


Ensure that every vote would count.


Minimize “gaming” of the vote by political party insiders and lobbyists.


Introduce the possibility for a 3rd party to win EC votes, something next to impossible under winner-take-all. It will break the 2-party monopoly over American politics and offer voters a viable alternative to the increasingly corrosive partisan politics.


The Congressional district method is a superior method of allocation of EC votes in a state like CA that has an independent commission drawing district boundaries. 
Every state has the opportunity under the 12th Amendment to reform their method of Electoral College allocation. Concurrent to the goal of reforming CA’s Electoral College would also be to institute change in other states, notably Texas as it has the next highest EC vote total with 38. Our nation can no longer be held hostage by the two-party system.


CA can lead the way!

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