2015 Fix California Challenge

The First Free State in 150 years, The Time Has Come For 51

Twenty Northern California Counties have 6 state level representatives while the southern 38 counties have 114 state representatives. The Jefferson Declaration Committee has 8 Declarations and Petitions to withdraw from the state of California signed by County Boards of Supervisors. We have active committees in a total of 20 counties. This is a grass roots movement. We have no party backing, nor do we wish any. This is a movement of and by the people to restore representation and Liberty to Northern California. California is broken. We want to start over. We want to get back to the basics of good common sense government. We want to avoid all of the mistakes California has made. Without Liberty and adequate representation, nothing else matters. Money does not matter because without Liberty and Constitutional protections, you will not be allowed by government to keep the money anyway! We advocate a state, with a part time legislature, where local government has the authority to make local decisions with local talent and local wisdom. With modern technology, we know it is possible to run our state very efficiently. Soft ware and computer technology will create an electronic state infrastructure which can operate without masses of government technocrats and bureaucrats and the masses of tax money they require. We do not need grandiose buildings, we simply need a Constitutional structure which protects individual Liberty, property rights and protects the individuals right to use his property to better the lives of his family. We need a State with a Constitution which is very difficult to change, in order that successive political agendas cannot legislate our grandchildren out of their Liberty. A state which has a friendly business environment where California does not. A State where each county has direct representation at the state level.

The State of Jefferson. The 51st state.

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