2015 Fix California Challenge

Budget Before Bills

Amend the State Constitution legislative calendar so that the state budget must be passed before any member of the Senate or Assembly can introduce an piece of legislation. January 1 through March 31 both houses would work solely on the budget. April 1 through June 30th both houses would be able to introduce legislation, but it must be passed by both houses by June 30th or the legislation will die. Members are now ...more »

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2015 Fix California Challenge

Increase financial transparency through the OpenGov platform

Transforming raw financial data into meaningful insights for taxpayers can be a daily challenge for California governments. Many local governments run on legacy systems that make it difficult for the public to see how money is spent. Likewise, elected officials and staff also struggle to access, analyze and share their own data with the limited tools that are at their disposal. For example, the budget book — a government’s ...more »

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Fix California Challenge

Participatory budgeting with voting with the tax you paid

The amount of tax you paid to the State of California is recorded on Participatory Budget System of the State of California. You log in with the your Social Security Number in the System. The amount of tax you paid to the system will be displaid. You can divide the tax you paid and vote whatever project/whatever sector of budget of State of California. E.g. You can pay the Governor or Legislator with the tax you paid ...more »

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2015 Fix California Challenge

Consitution change to require per capita limited budgets

Change the state Constitution to limit all state level spending to +/- 2% of a inflation adjusted per-capita spending target that is the average of the spending targets over the previous three years . All off-budget spending, debt expenditures, etc., are included. Annual servicing of of long term liabilities etc. are included w/o regard to whether an expenditure is actually made. Per-capita spending means you take the ...more »

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