Fix California Challenge

CA Results: Performance Dashboard by Every Local Government

The number one job for every government is to be communicate accurately and clearly with its stakeholders. This has become hard, despite initiatives like open data. Most government information is stuck in legacy systems, making it difficult for non-technical people to engage with the data. Elected officials and government staff are not able to push for data-driven policies. Public is not able to easily find out how the ...more »

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2015 Fix California Challenge

Increase financial transparency through the OpenGov platform

Transforming raw financial data into meaningful insights for taxpayers can be a daily challenge for California governments. Many local governments run on legacy systems that make it difficult for the public to see how money is spent. Likewise, elected officials and staff also struggle to access, analyze and share their own data with the limited tools that are at their disposal. For example, the budget book — a government’s ...more »

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