2015 Fix California Challenge

Allow Charter High Schools to offer 2 years of college

California public higher education, is under stress with funding, access and relevancy. Sounds a lot like public K-12 in California. But with K-12, citizen of the state came together and established a vibrant Charter K-12 alternative to public schools. Today there are over 1,100 Charter K-12's in California serving over 500,000. Let's use that same innovative spirit and allow Charter K-12 to add 2 years of college. The ...more »

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2015 Fix California Challenge

College Courses in High School

Students who qualify by a reasonable academic standard should be given 1st year college courses in their senior year in HS. This would save 25% of the cost of a college education. Students in HS have usually, a lesser curriculum in their senior year. These college courses will retain their interest and save the parents 1 year of college tuition. This course could be expanded to juniors at some point with a 50% tuition ...more »

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Fix California Challenge

Break up our electoral college votes by county or popular vote

In every election I've seen, politicians only come to California with their hand out and give us nothing in return. In the meantime, "battle ground" states are flooded with billions of dollars to sway their votes because of the competitive split of voters . Desperate politicians pay attention to those states and focus all their promises and money on them. Democrats take California for granted and Republicans write off ...more »

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2015 Fix California Challenge

College tuition

By constitutional amendment fix the fees of the UC, CSU and community college system. Suggested amounts per quarter - $200 for UC, $100 for CSU and $10 for Community colleges. A tax on wealth would fund this subsidy. rates would change every 10 years by inflation index.

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2015 Fix California Challenge

Reform the College of San Mateo - Get a Job Near You

The San Mateo County Community College District Board’s financial model is not sustainable. It is time for the County of San Mateo to work with its businesses within its community to offer an education to its residents that will provide a job, not just a certificate. By forming a public – private partnership with its businesses, the College of San Mateo can be a corporate training center that will ensure students leave ...more »

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