2015 Fix California Challenge

A Positive Sign: the eSignatures Initiative to Save Billions

At DocuSign we’re dedicated to helping organizations keep processes 100% digital. Our hundreds of California-based employees want to see the benefits of digital transaction management in our own state. Where do we start? It’s easy: update the State Administrative Manual (SAM) to allow for electronic signatures across all aspects of State government. The benefits of digital transaction management are clear: faster, friendlier ...more »

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Fix California Challenge

Fix California's Water Infrastructure and Save the Delta

SolAgra is committed to solving the major water issues in the Delta. The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and the water conveyance system of the State and Central Valley Water Projects have required major improvements for more than 40 years. Three major revisions to the conveyance system have been proposed by the State since 1978. Unfortunately, all three proposals have been essentially the same concept - divert water from ...more »

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2015 Fix California Challenge

Save Water! - Solar Covered Canals

Solar Canals can help deliver more water with equipment that pays for itself and saves taxpayers money! In California there are over 1,000 miles of canals that cover ~100,000 acres of land, concrete, and water. These private, state, and federally owned canals move millions of acre feet of water throughout the state and consume almost 1/5 of California's electricity. Thousands of acre feet are lost each year due to ...more »

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2015 Fix California Challenge

Toilet to Farm - add millions of gallons of water

Much easier for public to stomach than Toilet to Tap. Dedicate one of the Aqueducts to directly use the Water treatment plant output water mixed with Delta water for Farming only. This would involve Pipelines for carrying the water from the treatment plants to the Aqueduct plus water towers at plants for pressurize the water to be used and some pipelines to make sure that the reuse water is not used for anything other ...more »

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