2015 Fix California Challenge

Ballotpedia Expanded Coverage of State and Local Ballot Measures

Ballotpedia is the online encyclopedia of American politics and a leading information provider in the State of California with regard to elections, particularly those surrounding ballot measures. In 2014, Ballotpedia covered 577 local California ballot measures, including all local measures certified for the ballot, and all proposed statewide measures, including the eight that were certified. On Election Day, all eight ...more »

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2015 Fix California Challenge

Local govs should also get to place ballot initatives

Note: I have been impressed by the other ideas that have reached the finalist stage. I believe that reforming ballot access will help pass the other finalists in future. Idea: Allowing local governments to propose and place ballot initiatives and amendments would strengthen local government and make it easier to place other worthy ideas on the ballot without needing Sacramento's support or that of a philanthropist. ...more »

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Fix California Challenge

CA Results: Performance Dashboard by Every Local Government

The number one job for every government is to be communicate accurately and clearly with its stakeholders. This has become hard, despite initiatives like open data. Most government information is stuck in legacy systems, making it difficult for non-technical people to engage with the data. Elected officials and government staff are not able to push for data-driven policies. Public is not able to easily find out how the ...more »

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2015 Fix California Challenge

Micro Gardens- Doing away with old wasteful farming practices

With California in its current situation, we will not be sustaining much longer. My proposal is to implement community and single household farming and gardening methods, utilizing Hydroponics And Aquaponics, in a more sustainable way. We can minimize water usage by more than 80% over traditional field flooding methods, while producing healthier, more nutrient rich fruits, vegetables, fish, and more which is grown ...more »

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