Fix California Challenge

Better representation along Sierra-Nevada mountains

The (now defunct) "Six Californias" idea was very interesting. I wondered who drew the lines, why they were drawn there, and especially disturbing: who named the resulting states. I liked the idea otherwise, and feel a better first step is to find commonality amongst a region within California that has a distinct difference to rally behind. With 1-in-8 Americans calling California home (38 million people), no policy, ...more »

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2015 Fix California Challenge

Bronze, Silver and Gold will replace Blue and White colors

Create centers of learning that offer classes and work programs to teach those trades which are needed in every day living. All students will not qualify for college but instead are forced into meaningless jobs with low pay and no respect. Our infrastructure is failing us and the new graduates will be able to fill the need for skilled workers while at the same time be paid by cooperative companies that will use their ...more »

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2015 Fix California Challenge

Crowd Government

Imagine the wisdom of crowds powered government where people are submitting the improvements how to run the country. People would vote on the images & supporting few line of text - and the government will oversee the process (saving the 80% of thought process) and adding the valuable top 20% of knowledge, power and decision making. Imagine this also for companies - millions of people send feedback to companies - but ...more »

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2015 Fix California Challenge

End of politicians - politics

Government by politicians/lobbyists/special interests/ big voting blocks-labor unions has to be ended

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2015 Fix California Challenge

Improve Redistricting Process

Impose stricter redistricting rules on the Citizen Redistricting Commission to require more compact voting districts

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