2015 Fix California Challenge

Data as Infrastructure

Legislation that requires a standardization of data and access of that data through easy to use data portals. All agencies at the state and local level need to provide all non-personal data to other agencies and the public so we can create innovation, industry, jobs, transparency, efficiency, and better informed government. We need standardization and adoption at all levels to scale and really have an impact. This ...more »

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2015 Fix California Challenge

Increase financial transparency through the OpenGov platform

Transforming raw financial data into meaningful insights for taxpayers can be a daily challenge for California governments. Many local governments run on legacy systems that make it difficult for the public to see how money is spent. Likewise, elected officials and staff also struggle to access, analyze and share their own data with the limited tools that are at their disposal. For example, the budget book — a government’s ...more »

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Fix California Challenge

Create a $2M fund for transparency for California State Agencies

Based on OpenGov’s success working with over a third of California cities and counties (in part from the successful 2015 IYS challenge grant), we propose that FixCA 2016 launch a $2 million fund to help California State Agencies adopt Transparency, Budget Intelligence, and Open-Source Open Data solutions to improve accountability, efficiency, and competition statewide. California spends more than any other state government: ...more »

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