Fix California Challenge


We are a platform providing work (volunteering opportunities) for people getting wealthfare in California

We are like a resume builder for people to get access to better jobs.

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2015 Fix California Challenge

A Positive Sign: the eSignatures Initiative to Save Billions

At DocuSign we’re dedicated to helping organizations keep processes 100% digital. Our hundreds of California-based employees want to see the benefits of digital transaction management in our own state. Where do we start? It’s easy: update the State Administrative Manual (SAM) to allow for electronic signatures across all aspects of State government. The benefits of digital transaction management are clear: faster, friendlier ...more »

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2015 Fix California Challenge

Hold Government Accountable to Customer Service!

The idea here is simple yet powerful. All areas of government service that touches individuals to businesses will have end users complete customer surveys from DMV, healthcare, to education. Government managers and higher will have 20% of their pay tied to the results of these surveys. A citizen lead panel will review and draft survey and collection guidelines. All non-personal identifiable data will be public and transparent ...more »

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