Fix California Challenge

Using big data to hold politicians accountable

We are increasing voter turnout by giving people a fast, fun, and easy way to become informed. Simply answer a few questions to find which candidates support the same things you do, and have a track record to back it up. Essentially, it's tinder for politics. The platform we've developed only recently became possible. Thanks to new open data initiatives, we now have access to up-to-the-minute governmental and political ...more »

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2015 Fix California Challenge

SeePolitical: Make Voting Fun and Easy

Trying to understand the complex language found on most ballots is frustrating and often results in uninformed voters approving unintended consequences, or low voter turnout. SeePolitical breaks the mold by offering unbiased entertaining educational content that informs and empowers voters in their native languages. Specifically, SeePolitical seeks to engage every voter and potential voter though original content ...more »

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2015 Fix California Challenge

California Anti-Corruption Act: A New Way To Transform Gov’t

The American people are no longer represented by their own government. The corrupting influence of money in politics has escalated into a national crisis that blocks progress on nearly every issue – from taxation and healthcare to education and the environment. But most people believe the problem is too entrenched to be fixed. California is no exception. As a USC/LA Times Poll conducted in 2014 reveals, an overwhelming ...more »

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