2015 Fix California Challenge

Voter Referendum on school vouchers

Take whatever crazy # the state spends per year to (attempt to) educate a child in public school & give parents the choice to accept 85% of that as a voucher to use at private school. Its win-win for everyone. CA has just educated a child @ a 15% discount and parents/kids have the opportunity to move to a good school.

Submitted by (@dhotop)


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Fix California Challenge

New school without grades

We are thinking the best way for the education in the future is school without grades. Right now tests, especially grade are big stress for students. The main idea for the school - we are studying for life, not only for the school!

Submitted by (@viktorosetrov)


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2015 Fix California Challenge

Bronze, Silver and Gold will replace Blue and White colors

Create centers of learning that offer classes and work programs to teach those trades which are needed in every day living. All students will not qualify for college but instead are forced into meaningless jobs with low pay and no respect. Our infrastructure is failing us and the new graduates will be able to fill the need for skilled workers while at the same time be paid by cooperative companies that will use their ...more »

Submitted by (@ventpipe)


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2015 Fix California Challenge

21st Century Public School Education

Replace our current antiquated method of public education instruction with a model which allows California to not only compete domestically but also globally.


We are not spending enough time with our kids. Expand the standard school day and re-vamp our schools by following what charter schools have been able to accomplish.

Submitted by (@frederickvandenabbeel)


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2015 Fix California Challenge

Local Control of schools

Eliminate any control of the Department of Education over California schools. This would mean giving up federal money. Returning control to local school boards who would have the option of following federal guidelines or instituting their own standards. Mandate that school boards be made up of no less than a two thirds majority of individuals not employed or formerly employed by the school district, state, or federal ...more »

Submitted by (@davidbabcock)


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