2015 Fix California Challenge

Property Taxes for schools stay local

Today all property taxes for schools flow to Sacramento who in turn allocates funds to school districts using it's opinion of how much goes where. My proposal is to get the State's hands off that money and have all school based property taxes remain in local hands. This will require the State to step in with other funds to assists those districts whose local funding is inadequate. The net effect of the idea is (1) ...more »

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Fix California Challenge

SipSafeApp - Water Quality Awareness in Public Schools

We cannot undo what happened with Flint Michigan's lead water crisis, but we can learn from it and build safeguards for a better future. We are trying to build a better America, and starting with the water quality in our education system is just the beginning. Our goal is to increase water quality awareness and promote positive changes to our water supply through cooperation from city governments and informed citizens. ...more »

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