2015 Fix California Challenge

Restructure California's Legislature

Today one Assembly member represents 485k Californians. Assembly members campaign via TV and direct mail. No way to get to know their district. The Assembly is just a stepping stone in politics, with lots of fundraising and deference to special interests. Assembly members need to be in their districts, building relationships and serving constituents. Lowering the ratio of Assembly members from 1:485k to 1:200k can better ...more »

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2015 Fix California Challenge

Replace the state Senate

**EDIT** US Supreme Court ruling makes this idea unlawful. Oh Well.


Get rid of the existing state Senate and replace it with one where each state Senator district is the county where they live.


Elected term is 6 years.


Three Senators per county one of which is up for re-election every two years.


A person can stand for re-election once.

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Fix California Challenge

The First Free State in 150 years, The Time Has Come For 51

Twenty-one Northern California Counties have 9 state level representatives while the southern 38 counties have 111 state representatives. The Jefferson Declaration Committee has 21 Declarations and Petitions to withdraw from the state of California signed by County Boards of Supervisors. We have active committees in a total of 23 counties. This is a grass roots movement. We have no party backing, nor do we wish any. This ...more »

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