2015 Fix California Challenge

Investing in California's Future (The Inspire Act)

Short Version: In California we have set up our young adults to fail. College leaves them 6 figures in debt, there are no jobs, and the American dream of buying a house is increasingly out of reach for all but the techie rich. To keep the California Dream alive, we need to reverse this. If, at birth, we seeded an investment account with $2000 for every California child, by the time they turn 18 the interest on these ...more »

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Fix California Challenge

Business Related Gov Forms

California has many forms that a business has to fill out. They don't accept most of these forms online, and thus must be filled out by had and mailed in. It is also hard to find which forms need to be filled out. There should be a website so that these forms can be filled out online with autofill, good design, and ease of use. The website-owning-organization would then print out the paper forms in the format that the ...more »

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