Fix California Challenge

Increase Legislative Transparency in California

Politicians know that information is power, so they often prefer to limit public scrutiny in order to achieve more favorable outcomes for themselves and the special interest groups that support them. The California Legislature Transparency Act, which may be on the ballot this fall, counters the strong incentives facing elected officials to conceal legislative proceedings by requiring that the public have more access ...more »

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2015 Fix California Challenge

Neighborhood Legislature Reform Act

An act, to be submitted for approved in the 2016 Ballot, to increase the ratio of representation in California by limiting the number of citizens each elected legislator may represent to 5000 (per State Senator) and 10,000 (per State Assembly member). There will be 3 beneficial results. First, elections will be conducted locally, door-to-door and on social media, without massive TV, radio and billboard campaigns. The ...more »

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