Fix California Challenge

Tie traffic ticket / citation fines to income!

Fines for tickets / citations should be linked to your income as they are NOW in Europe. As the gap between rich and poor continues to grow, fines continue to grow. In the past 15 years fines have increased by 500%! In light of the current unprecedented inequality, it is a gross injustice to ruin someone's life, livelihood and ability to earn a living by imposing flat fines without regard to income or ability to pay. ...more »

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2015 Fix California Challenge

Tie citation fines to income

As is done in Finland and other countries throughout Europe, link the fines from traffic citations, tickets etcetera to income by making the fine a percentage rather than a flat fee. Current fines are little deterrent to the wealthy and disproportionately harm the poor, often resulting in imposition of exorbitant civil assessments, penalties for late payment, loss of drivers license and therefore further harm to one's ...more »

Submitted by (@yankeerich)


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